So you’re here to figure out what this blog is all about? Well, let’s start with the basics. My name is Jim. I’ve been a web/database developer for 12 years, working on custom business and web solutions ranging from backend data integrations, custom collaboration portals, lead/partner management systems, etc. The list goes on.

This blog will be mostly focused on solutions to programming problems, though there may be the random post here and there about the latest sci-fi book I’m reading, the solar flares that keep causing my applications to randomly fail, and the quality and texture of toilet paper. I’m talking important stuff here.

As far as development goes, I use a variety of tools, including:

  • SQL Server 2000 through 2008 R2
  • SharePoint 2007, SSIS, SSRS, IIS, etc …
  • Microsoft .NET (C#, ASP.NET, v1.0 – v4.0)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 – 2010
  • HTML, XML, Javascript , jQuery
  • Visual Studio Tools for the Office System (3.0 and 2010)
  • VMWare, VirtualBox

Some other tools I favor:

  • Notepad++ (if you don’t have it, get it!)
  • Tortoise SVN (sure wish they’d make a version for the Mac side)
  • FireBug (can’t do HTML development without it)
  • LINQPad (super sweet test bench for LINQ, Entity Framework, and C# in general )

Things I’m interested in learning about but have not had the opportunity to play with:

  • Microsoft MVC
  • WCF, WPF, and all the other TLA’s
  • SQL Server 2012

The power compels you ...

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