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It’s April 2012 and this is my first blog post.

As with most of today’s news, the important information is contained in the headline. But if you haven’t figured it out already, this is literally my first blog post, ever.

Why have I waited so long? I’ve never felt a true passion to lay it all out online before. It takes time, effort, and a whole lot of writing skill to put together a post that is readable, interesting and most of all: accurate.  Accuracy is fairly important in our extremely technical field. There’s nothing worse than getting it wrong in a public venue.

Why am I blogging now? There are many answers to this, including several favorites, like:

  • “I’ve always wanted to …”
  • “It’d be a great way to organize my thoughts and document my learnings …”
  • “Being seen as an industry leader would be super green …”
  • “Everyone else is doing it, why not me?”
Want to know the real reason?
  • “Hey Jim, blogging is a requirement of your job.”

Oh, snap. And there you have it. Am I bitter? No, not in the slightest. Getting a shove is probably the best (and only) way I’d have gone as far as I have today.

So, if you’re still reading (you are still reading, right?), I encourage you to check back from time to time. Some of the more relevant things I’ll be blogging about:
  • Core technologies, such as: C#, SQL Server, and SharePoint 2007/2010.
  • Excel customization, generation, and it’s inappropriate use as a database. Seriously, people.
  • All the TLA’s we’ve come to know and respect: ORM, OOP, MVC, BYOB
  • And who knows? Suggest something.
I may also from time to time do some write ups on the serious issues of today, such as:
  • We’ll take a look at the differences between C# and Dflat.
  • SharePoint 2007: who builds this stuff, anyway? Let’s go behind the scenes and get some answers.
  • Why programmers are people, too.
  • Unit conversions: How many lines of code make up an ounce, and how many ounces fit in a decaliter?
  • And many, many others …

And with all of that, let the blathering commence. Read on, not because you want to, and certainly not because you’ll learn anything of consequence. Read on because …

The power of programming compels you, of course!