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SharePoint 2013: Sorry, this site hasn’t been shared with you.

HAL, I think you’re malfunctioning again …¬†

So here’s the setup: after a complete, stand-alone installation of SharePoint 2013 on a development VM and creation of a new site (let’s call it http://foocompellsyou:8080) via central admin, browsing the configured site returns this lovely message:

"Sorry [Dave], this site hasn't been shared with you."

SharePoint 2013 was installed and setup using the setup and¬†configuration wizard. This had it’s own set of challenges, to be blogged about later.

I went through all of the normal checks post-creation of the new site:

  • Does the account I am logged in as have site administration access? Yes.
  • Are the app pools functioning? If not it would be a different message, but checking it can’t hurt.
  • Are the user policies configured correctly? Yes. In fact, the account I am logging in as has full control.
  • Can I get to http://foocompellsyou:8080/_layouts/settings.aspx? No. Same message.
  • Check the space weather index — anything out of the ordinary? No, it seems normal. For space.
  • What about the default authentication¬†provider?

Ah … here’s something. A default install and creation of a new site will get you a claims-based application, but the default auth provider is set to Windows Auth/NTLM.

Changing this to Kerberos fixed the problem:Image

Hopefully this helps someone!